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our fun loop gift set is the perfect gift for a loop curious friend ready to learn a new craft, or an experienced needlepointer looking to get started on  a new project.  Choose from five Heather Taylor Home Judith Rose kit colors. Tuck your project neatly into our Heather Taylor Home + loop quilted project bag with our fine work scissors and our new how to loop instruction booklet.  


the loop gift set kit includes:

-HTH Judith Rose needlepoint image on canvas (10 mesh)

-DMC wool tapestry thread (three colors)

-two needles

-loop needlepoint project bag

-how to loop instruction booklet

choose:  Heather Taylor Home + loop project bag

choose:  black or gold Merchent Mills Scissors



about the HTH Judith Rose kit:

After our gingham pillow collaboration with Heather Taylor she wanted to stitch our Judith rose in her beautiful gingham colors. We thought this was a fantastic idea! We love these Judith garden roses in Heather’s beautiful palate.


this kit includes a 12" x 14" canvas with a 8" x 10" stitchable image area.  it is printed on 10-mesh canvas, and includes two colors of DMC wool tapestry thread. also included are needles for 10-mesh needlepoint and a drawstring bag to hold everything so that you can be on-the-go with your project!  for instructional videos and more, click here.


loop gift set (HTH Judith rose)

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