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buy any loop canvas and this loop gift add-on to upgrade your kit with:

   -your choice of Heather Taylor Home project bag 

   -your choice of Merchant and Mills scissors

   -how-to-loop instruction booklet


Enhance your needlepointing experience or curate the perfect needlepoint gift experience for someone special by adding your choice of Heather Taylor Home project bag and Merchant Mills scissors.   You can fit two or three  loop projects in this project bag and be ready to stitch anywhere you go.  We love our Merchant and Mills scissors and have a pair with us at all times--a serious needlepointer can't have anough pairs.  The how-to-loop booklet is great to carry with you as you are learning a new stitch or just need a quick reminder about a stitch you know.  



**limit one gift set per canvas in your shopping cart.

loop gift set add-on (only with purchase of any loop needlepoint kit )

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