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Mahjong with our friends

Taking time out to catch up with friends while stitching is a passion of ours. It is our happy place, our Sunday afternoons our bucket filler. We share this common theme with The Mahjong Line. Both our companies hope to bring friends together and spend time doing something friends have been doing for hundreds of years, in their case playing mahjong and in ours needlepointing. What better way to celebrate our mutual hobbies than to gather friends at

Heather Taylor Home’s  gorgeous Westwood shop and learn to play Mahjong. We are so grateful our friends took time out of their busy lives to join us! We asked our childhood friend and party planner extroidinaire Annie Campbell to help us with some snacks and drinks. We set the table with Heather’s new card table sized linens. The Mahjong Line sent their fabulous teacher Stephanie (aka The Marvelous Mrs. Mahjong) to teach us and make us laugh. We ate, we played and had a wonderful time. Each guest took home our new The Mahjong Line + loop sunnies kit. Kits will be available early May! Happy Stitching (and Mahjing)!

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