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loop of the month

join the loop stitching club

we love hosting needlepoint parties! it's fun, relaxing, and a great way to learn a skill that will last a lifetime.  we encourage you to do the same with your friends.


everything you'll need to get your friends started stitching...


   -complete loop kits


   -10 mesh practice canvases

   -skeins of DMC yarn

   -instruction booklets

you don't have to be a needlepoint expert to host a stitching party.  learn together with a group of new stitchers, or invite some loop veterans to join the party and help out the first timers. we recommend some snacks and a beverage of your choosing.  

OR what if we came to you??


we have been throwing our own loop needlepoint events to help spread the joy of the craft.  contact us to learn more about cohosting an event with us.  

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